Premium potato starch

Highest peak viscosities in the starch industry

Potato starch has a higher peak viscosity and lower gelatinisation temperature than most other starch types. At AKV, our Premium Potato Starch stands out for having one of the highest peak viscosities in the starch industry. That provides endless opportunities to adjust viscosity in liquid applications or create a gel or paste – as required by each specific application.

This is why our potato starch is the preferred choice in many soup, noodle and extruded products. Meat, sauces and dry mixes are other typical applications.

A low gelatinisation temperature means less heat is necessary to activate AKV potato starch compared to other starch types – improving the cost efficiency of your production process.

We obtain our Premium Potato Starch from Danish potatoes using an energy and water-efficient process. As a result, our native starch meets the highest purity and food safety standards

Noodles in a bowl