Meet our people

People working at AKV

At AKV, you’ll find a close-knit team of people, each with strong expertise in key areas of our value chain, from raw materials, production and quality assurance to application development, sales and logistics. 

Every one of us works towards the same goal – to provide our customers with the best possible solutions and support. In our open, innovative environment, we welcome all sorts of skills to help us achieve that.

Henrik Pedersen
– Head of agriculture

The opportunity to spend your entire career working with potatoes could not be better for me. It’s such an interesting agricultural crop with lots of challenges to overcome.

I’ve headed up the agriculture department at AKV for more than 30 years now. We work with advising farmers on potato growing and developing new growing strategies by running trials in potato fields. Right now, our goal is to develop the next generation of sustainable potatoes. We produce and sell seed potatoes, take care of the starch potato supply and handle by-products from production.

The way potatoes are grown influences the quality of our final product – the potato starch. This is our primary focus and has not changed over the years.

Maria Elena Hansen
- Senior application specialist

It is my responsibility to oversee the AKV application laboratory and share knowledge with customers about what starch can do in their application. This is something I really love. Each project is different, and it gives me a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction to help the customer find a solution and add value to their process. To me, it’s important to work for a creative and flexible organisation where there is a genuine spirit of cooperation, shared goals and good support.

Francois Masson
– Regional sales director

The most important part of my job is to understand the needs of individual customers and build tailored solutions to meet them. The objective is always to build long-term relations with food manufacturers and our distributors by staying in regular close contact.

As an ex-marine, I love to discover new cultures and get to know the customers. So I really appreciate the opportunities that AKV provides to travel frequently to the countries in my region. When I’m not visiting customers, I enjoy working and interacting with colleagues in our pleasant office in Denmark, where there’s always a great atmosphere.

Charlotte Geertsen
– Shipping assistant

In my job as shipping assistant, I’m in daily contact with drivers and carriers to secure that our products are shipped around the world.

Every day, we ship many containers, trucks and silo trucks, which requires a lot of correspondence and coordination with our transport suppliers. I also have to make sure we dispatch our products in accordance with customer specifications. This is all key to ensuring smooth global deliveries.

At AKV, no day is the same. We have a fast-moving supply chain that can respond to customer requirements at speed. AKV is also a company that puts its customers and employees first. That’s something you can feel every day.