Noodles and pasta

Noodles and pasta

Noodles cover a range of products consumed around the world. In Asian glass noodles, for example, potato starch was originally introduced as an alternative to mung bean starch, offering similar functionalities at a cheaper price.

Today, instant noodles benefit from potato starch to ensure fast re-hydration. The neutral taste of potato starch is a clear asset, allowing better release of added flavours.

The special functionalities of AKV potato starch – high peak viscosity, low gelatinisation temperature and high transparency – make it an ingredient of choice in most noodle applications.

Gnocchi is a dumpling primarily made from potato dehydrates and starch. Potato starch adds bite and elasticity and is neutral in taste, supporting the release of the natural potato flavour. This takes the overall eating experience to a higher level.