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Potatoes are in the fields

May 2022

AKV have almost completed the planting of starch potatoes for the coming crop. These plantings took place in normal climatic conditions, although soils in Northern Europe are dryer than usual because of a lack of rain this winter and spring.

These relatively smooth planting conditions contrast sharply with the current market situation. The potato starch industry still faces a massive demand, due to availability and high prices issues on corn starch, which is expected to continue into 2023.

In this context, monitoring the starch potato acreage at European level this spring is essential. Please feel free to contact your usual AKV salesperson for any questions.

lægning af kartofler 2022

New looks!

June 2021

We are proud to launch our new homepage alongside with our new AKV company logo.

The intent of the new homepage is to present AKV, our products & solutions as well as people in a modern and appealing fashion.
We hope that you will find it useful and enjoy using it.

Since 1987, AKV has been represented by a company logo with the letters “AKV” inside a simplistic illustration of a glucose molecule. The logo has served the company well in a time where AKV predominantly was as a technical production company with little customer interaction. The heritage of technical and production excellence will stay with us going forward.


With our new logo we wish both to modernize the logo and signal that AKV has become increasingly customer oriented. Using potato leaves in the logo we link ourselves to our natural raw material. With the brown and green colours we introduce connotations to our sustainable farm-to-fork approach. The somewhat soft lines are meant to illustrate that to AKV, it’s all about people – partnerships, knowledge and team work is our foundation.


We hope you like it

In most respects the new logo will be implemented immediately, however e.g. for packaging materials, the transition will be more gradual over the remainder of 2021. We will keep our customers and partners updated well in advance in order to secure a smooth transitioning.