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Your agile partner for Danish potato ingredients

Natural potato starches and proteins from AKV meet the growing need of the global food industry for sustainable ingredients.

In collaboration with customers, we use our versatile product portfolio to develop innovative and cost-efficient solutions for a wide range of food products – from everyday, affordable essentials to premium, indulgence foods.

Our value chain starts with the seed potatoes planted in Danish soil. When we deliver our products to customers, we can guarantee they are non-GMO, free of allergens and meet the requirements of vegan, vegetarian, kosher and halal diets.


Made in Denmark - sold worldwide

AKV is owned by approx. 200 Danish farmers who grow all the high-quality potatoes we need for our ingredient production – within easy reach of our factory in northern Denmark.

Today, we sell more than 95% of our potato starch products to export markets around the world, primarily to the food industry.

All value – no waste

Everything counts when we process the potato harvest from August to December. The starch is used in functional ingredient solutions for the food industry. The protein provides a high-quality source of nutrition for animal feed.

The remaining potato pulp and protamylasse are used for cattle feed/biogas production and as a fertiliser, respectively. Nothing goes to waste.

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Expect the safest and best

Ensuring the best possible product quality is top priority for us at AKV - regardless of whether we are supplying ingredients for food or feed. Find out how we ensure the highest standards of food safety and quality.


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